See us this summer – Sherlock's back and solving mysteries at the Fringe!

Five years smash runs in the UK and Australia – a thrilling new adventure each day through the underworld of Victorian Britain, packed with shady villains, red herrings and the brilliant deductions of London’s great detective. Light up your (imaginary) pipe as a completely spontaneous and exceedingly engrossing mystery tale unfolds before you, with rollicking plot twists and hilarious characters – different every day and based on audience suggestions! Not to be missed. Family-friendly (recommended 12+)

★★★★★ These performers are wizards. I’ve seen a lot of improv in my time, and few performers hold the total mastery and perfect comedic timing of this lot... Pure mastery of the crowd and of their craft.
— Great Scott (Perth, Aus)
★★★★ This excellent improvised show is full of laughs, madness and superb deductions... very funny and beautifully devious
— FringeGuru
★★★★ paced, immensely funny and completely bonkers...
— Broadway Baby
★★★★ The production is rife with moments of sparkle and intelligence... copious amounts of talent and boundless potential
— Plays To See
★★★★ It is a spectacular production, crafted at furious speed and leaves its audience crying with laughter.
— Young Perspective
★★★★ – It’s fun, it’s ridiculous, and leaves everyone wanting more.
— Headline News
★★★★ What these guys don’t know about Sherlock Holmes lore couldn’t fill a thimble – they all remain hilariously faithful to the original stories.
— Fourth Wall (Perth, Aus)